Lacquered Coffee Table….Being sceptical, and a little nervous of trying the steam iron technique,I decided to try the hair dryer approach; figuring that heat would do the trick!! I am amazed it worked. Would the heated steam iron or oil and baking soda work on this type of table. The stain was almost completely gone, so as some others commented I immediately rubbed the area with vegetable oil. Your steam iron tip worked like a charm. Thank you for the advice. Baffling, but amazing! Thanks! You made my day! I cant wait to show my husband! Thanks for the tip, it worked like magic! Pledge helped and olive oil completely removed circular stain from a hot tea cup. IT Worked! We had a similar table from the same manufacturer for over 8 years and never had a problem. The spent some time polishing the marks away it worked pretty well. I’m worries that I’ll do more damage and wondering what to do. I’m hesitatant to try the same to remove it!!! It Isn't the wood that is damaged; it's the wax buildup from furniture polish. At first I used the hoovering method with steam, it was amazing, they were disappearing. but it worked for me too. TRY IT IN A SMALL HIDDEN SPOT FIRST AND SEE IF IT MAKES A STAIN OR NOT. I am still in shock at how easily it worked, I have just removed four large pizza box stains from my dining table. I can’t believe it but it worked! This allowed the moisture to escape. I had a mark on our dining room table. THANK YOU!!!! I tried the blow dryer, but it didn’t work. !my god it has worked, truly astonishing Table like new.Thank you…………………. Then I ironed some clothes with a towel and was sickened when it left large white marks on the same table. Thanks for the tip. Un Freakin’ believable! For us, it worked perfectly – I hope it works for you too. Check here he tells you how to fix the problems you have around the house. I want this to be a usable table, not one I have to iron every time I use it and not one I have to freak out about when the kids go near it. I used a hairdryer set on hot heat. I just now found this tip about the iron on your website and tried it. Most of the rings are gone, but now I’m trying to figure out how to get rid of the sandpaper scratches. If you have a clotes steamer it works best. So bad were they that we covered the table with a cloth. Steam on. The iron trick really works! It worked!! Yes all the white marks are gone but obviously it was to much heat/water penetrating that caused this issue in a couple areas. Literally only 2-3 seconds (as I was scared!) The steam method worked on some of the white spots but not others (didn’t do any harm either) so I don’t know if it’s the finish OR how deep the white stain goes. It really works!!!! I tryed just the steam iron [no cloth] then put oil on right after. Thank you so much for the great tip. This has been a lifesaver for me!!!!! On Thanksgiving I put a hot dish on top of a placemat without thinking. Thank you so much it worked like magic, I was very nervous to bring a hot steaming iron to my brand new $3200 table but I had nothing to lose and my table now looks amazing. It works! Whoever came up with this solution is a genius!!!! Well, my story is like so many other stories that have been posted. My only option now is to refinish the entire top of the table. whoever had the courage to try this process- i have not enough words to thank you! wow! will the steam iron method work on a wood vaneered table thanks. I am so glad I googled. THIS WORKS! Thanks you so much!! First without the steam. Thanks for letting me know this has helped you :). I was too afraid to lay an iron directly down – even on a towel, so I hovered the steam over the spots, and wiped immediately. Now my table is like it was when I bought it! Now I don’t have to hide it!! What am i doing wrong. This worked, but at a price. OMG!!!! Thank you again!! I also found this site and was convinced it might work. I am absolutely stunned. Feedback greatly appreciated. Who knew?! Used a bath towel (for thickness) and started up my iron. Can confirm. Thanks! And I WILL tell everyone that I know about this idea. Holy cow! The other methods (toothpaste/baking soda, mayo) did not work but the iron worked amazingly. I use 1/2 cup of mayonnaise with 1/4 cup of baking soda. Very disappointing to say the least. Wow Wow Wow! the internet is wonderful. I don’t know what type of finish is on my table, but I believe it is pine wood. Thanks for sharing this excellent tip, I was worried we’d have to get the table re-polished. Thank you! HOLY COW —Worked like MAGIC!!! Now I have an iron mark. I did anyway. (Note: Not sure if our table is varnish or shellack, and we acted quickly, w/in 1/2 hour just to be safe), White spot gone. Five minutes later, my table looked like new!! It is now an hour later, and it looks gorgeous … I crapped myself with excitement! I’ve lived with several cloudy white marks on our Skovby teak dining table since just after buying it. AND WHEN I TOOK IT UP THERE WAS THIS HUGE HEAT STAIN.. MY MOM CAME HOME AND SHE WAS FURIOUS.. UP UNTIL NOW =] I JUST GOOGLED THIS– YOU SAVED MY BUTT! Then wipe it off. My mom placed the turkey on a dish towel because we had nothing else to put it on. We used only canola (vegetable oil), and it worked. Maybe 30 sec and it was gone. It works perfectly!! Just rub on and then polish as usual. Used the iron (with steam) and a white dish towel on a 20+ yr old table and the white stains disappeared after only a few seconds. Yes, I have a black Crate & Barrel coffee table and side tables. Google is a great thing, I googled how to remove cloudy spots and got directed to this tip, and I couldn’t be more happy! A true skeptic here….but no more. Thank You so much! Thank You! Next day I bought an iron and removed both stains in less than a minute. I didn’t use steam, just heat. Life saver haha x. I guess you can believe some things you read on the Internet. See my post toward the bottom of the page for theory and a better method. Step 3 – With iron on medium heat, firmly press the iron down on the towel and continuously move it in a circular motion over the area with the stain for about 20 seconds Thanks, I am amazed that it worked!! Steam generator iron through a muslin cloth and the white mark vanished, I oiled the table top generously afterwards and left it for a while before polishing with normal furniture polish and it looks fabulous! Thank you for posting this! I have only added an iron shaped white mark and raised the wood grain. The wood was finely cracked and didn’t know if it was already there or from me. Hours later I lifted the towel to find huge cloudy white mark on it. Because of the water stain I made sure it was converd when they came over. I was amaized and so happy for the result that obviosly I kept doing with the rest of the stain… and now my table is stain free but still with the scratches though… I’ll try to post pics of the “after” and “before” and hopefully they work out, so all of you can see that Im not lying but mainly to check it out for yourselfs and see that it REALLY WORKS! :o). It may be necessary, however, to do … I put olive oil all over the table, wrapped the iron in an old white cotton cloth, on a low heat and ironed the table directly. At first it only made a small difference but with trial and error we saw major differences and then went back over the marks that still showed to some degree. Slowly, but surely, after doing this 4 or 5 times the stains (caused by hot pizza box, like so many others reported) was all but gone — I’d say 98%. Nothing made a bit of improvement and what I didn’t previously say is that the steam made the white marks significantly worse. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I put a hot baked sweet potato on my roommate’s new cherry table while he was gone on vacation! However, since you removed the troublesome layer, do not reburn….. I then got a 100% cotton white shirt from my closet and set the iron on no steam, but it did not help. I have an antique table that has numerous cloudy spots. saved my deposit on the house!!! This really works. I noticed after the tablecloth came off that there were crayon and marker stains ALL OVER my table!! I’m siked now I just need help removing old ring stains. I was so skeptical on this method. Who would have thought!! Thanks so much for the tip. Wow it worked like a mug woohooo!!!! $40k wooden bar. I put a hot pyrex dish on top of a table mat…and took it off an hour later and there was a huge white cloudy stain on my beautiful dining room table. I’m out of the dog house! I will recommend this website a lot…. I finished with old english wood polish and my table looks like new again. Make a paste with baking soda and a few drops of water. We had huge white marks on our table and all of them diappeared. I polished it up with a wood polish after and it’s beautiful! I used a white dish towel and the cloth “fuzz” came off onto the wood! I sprayed the spot lightly with water first, laid a thin towel over it, and use the medium steam setting on my iron. After applying the Iron, it worked. Marks gone in about 30 seconds. So I was dumb and decided to lay a blanket over it and use it as an ironing board and when i removed the blanked 2/3s of the table was covered in a new white stain (keep in mind our table is espresso and at this point it is 3:30 in the morning). I am so happy! I’m shocked and thrilled! So, he took a small towel, set the iron to steam, and put it directly on top of the towel for 2-3 seconds. I told him bout this site and he was not buying it…..steam worked n less than five seconds. When I try to find the spot, I can see just a little blemish. 15 seconds steam ironed over folder paper towel and heat ring disappeared! I repeated this process two or three more times and the horrilbe “iron” stain and the original stain disappeared!!! We are not ready with one child and another on the way to refinish the table it seems like a wasted effort and are glad that this worked because the table is beautiful and we want to enjoy it. I was so upset! This worked right away and made my small side table look better than it did before it had the burn on it earlier tonight! Absolutely astounding! And special thanks to Google for helping me find your truly fabulous site!!! Had several white spots on my antique cherry dining room table. Then the olive oil brightened it all up and yes, it did look like new. Finally, after months and months of being sad about my coffee table (two steaming hot pizza boxes were the enemy), I decided I had nothing to lose. Thank you so much for this amazing trick! It may have something to do with the type of wood finish/varnish. I wiped Old English scratch remover at the end of one of the steam treatments and left it there. You know when you leave water on wood and it actually sort of splits in many places so then it is rough to the touch. Thank you so much for the tip, although, it did make my stains worse (must have been a different finish as you mentioned ).. For us it actually damaged the finish. Toothpaste did not took the stain off. Thanks for this great tip ! thank you!!!! What you are doing is swiping a hot damp towel over the area, that is how you fix the table. My wife thinks I’m the greatest- again. It looks like new I am tempted to hover the iron around the entire table LOL!!! It's a small, cream coloured, pressurised tin of foam! I was just sick this morning when I found the big white splotch. In desperation I “Googled” the problem and found this site. This table was purchased 70 years ago by my grandparents when they got married. We tried the steam iron but it made it worse. In fact, so I didn’t have an oil spot on the table, I polished the entire tabletop with it and it looks very shiny and nice. Then followed the tips posted,rubbed vegetable oil, wetted the cloth and placed steam iron over the wet cloth for about 10-15 seconds and it worked !!! White stains were under the paper plates! Mix 50/50 vinegar and olive oil and rub into the watermark. Wish me luck?? And IF my sister knew, she would thank you too! This TOTALLY works. Keep boiling and repeat until almost gone. I had to scour off the white layer between each attempt but it worked a treat. The white spots were all over the top and the edges. I have an Amish made dining room set that I just loved and my husband refused to believe he was the reason for all the white spots on the table as he would put a paper plate down with hot food without a barrier. UN-FREAKIN-BELIEVABLE!!! I used a white table cloth doubled over and just hovered my iron over the area while pressing the steam button. I just got an old (slightly grubby) off-white floor clothe, got the steam iron on medium ironed over the small mark a few times and it was gone!!! I just tried the iron on the white stain on my dark oak table – it has never been varnished – just beeswax polish – Hey presto!! Thankyou so much, My boyfriend brought some mates back for a few drinks last night and this morning I noticed about four white rings on our new coffee table I was furious, but thanks to you I cant believe it actually works I was a bit worried at first but it actually works. It works and it was so easy! So even if the method made it worse, try working with it again since it seems to be an elastic process. I honestly thought this couldn’t possibly work – it is so counter-intuitive – but after reading someone’s comment that it “couldn’t possibly make it any worse” I though, well that’s true, so gave it a go. I couldn’t believe it and it defied logic to me–wouldn’t the steam cause more damage? How to make your chair comfortable and provide lumber support? Same happened to us. It probably took me 2 minutes because I was SO timid and kept ironing for no more than 10 seconds and checking (and drying) the mark. No one will ever know that the table had been damaged. I was in the process of trying to find a local wood refinisher on line when I found tip. I keep running my hand across the top and I can’t feel any damage to the finish. Thanks for publishing this tip! We had a coffee table and a dinner table with white stains from spilt champagne and water, left overnight. So my table was covered for 10 years with these white spots but no longer…. Thank you so much. I was sick that our $5000 solid cherry game table was ruined. Thanks so much for your recommendation!!! Thank you this came right up. Okay, I give up! An online source of clever solutions for nearly 15 years, millions of people from around the world have turned to Tipnut looking for creative inspiration and reliable advice. Im not sure if its varnish or Shellac or even what wood type it is…i just know its relatively new! Had family over for dinner and used paper plates = 5 white marks after dinner. Thanks, We were staying at a cabin and made a turkey dinner. The mayonnaise worked like a charm! amazing!!! Thank you so much! Thanks everyone! Does anyone know the science behind this treatment? Just set your iron on dry heat (no steam) and place a tea towel over the spot and iron it out. Is there any way I can get rid of these pressure marks…If i continue sanding it does not seem to work and I really want to start protecting it, but figure the marks will still show through the clear polyurethane. Your tips helped like a charm. All stains are gone and table looks brand new. I had a girl’s night at my house and we ate on paper plates and left white marks all over our brand new black table. I’ll wait a while to see how it is later, but for now it looks good. Still nothing. Thank you. Our first dinner on our brand new cherry wood table created four white steam stains. I think I will try the mayonaise tomorrow…if it doesn’t work,I wonder if this would…, I went online searching ‘how to remove white water marks from table’ . This took them all away!!! I am going to try with this third iron again and use oil to see if that gets rid of every trace of marks. Left white curcle. Tried products recommended by hardware store & worked for hours with it. I too tried the heat (hair dryer) method on my walnut table and it was only worse, but after reading Renee’s comment I tried baking soda/water paste and the white came right out. Can’t wait to show my husband when he comes home and thank you for your website and sharing the tip. It worked like a charm. Appreciated. The steam iron method worked! I told my mom about this tip. THANK GOODNESS. Thought I was going to have to sand it back! Thank you!!! At our family gathering last year, someone left the coffee urn slightly open and hot coffee dripped all over it. Well tickle me pink and call me Elmo… Best trick I’ve learnt in a long time. Tried many of the suggestions. I have several spots a on a chery wood dining table that I can’t figure out. Thank you all for the advice that I just put into practice. THANK YOU!!!! . You can’t tell anything has ever been wrong with them now. I tried the steam Iron remedy and it WORKED. The steam iron on a tshirt filled by olive oil totally got the stain out! I ironed over 50 napkins on my table and flattened my irnoning board so that I could sit down and watch TV while ironing. I tried some Pledge, which only helped a very little bit! Now, about the red nail polish I splashed across my buffet when I dropped it….anyone? Thank you!! You’re truly a lifesaver. The crack is barely noticeable and the stains are gone. Thank you so very much! The toothpaste worked instantly like magic! What a relief. I did it in small areas and for short bursts just incase… But unbelievably it worked. As everyone says a hot steam iron hovering above a tea towel worked wonders. i just cannot stop laughing about it! I couldn’t believe it when the pizza box left a huge white stain THROUGH my placemats! I tried the hair dryer method to remove the huge white spot and unbelievably it worked like a charm. Tried briwax but little or no change. If you wait a second next time you shower, and you take the blow drier and blow dry the glass, the condensation will dissipate because you heat the glass. A few seconds took away all my heartache! We tried further to just hover the iron a couple of inches over the table with steam on and the white mark disappeared. It worked beautifully. I tried this on a cherry veneer dining room table and now have the mark of the iron showing. It seemed to work after the wood became warm. Nothing makes you feel stupider than doing what could be hundreds of bucks in damage trying to save a dollar or two by fixing something yourself. It seemed to do alot better but it left a few white spots around the towel, I continued with all the spots. Worked amazingly on antique oak table. She had called a refinisher to get a quote and they came back with $700 to fix it. It was so worth it. Not thinking…obviously….. Thanks for the tip. I followed up with applying some olive oil for the finish and the table is like new. I NEVER would have tried this without all these comments so THANK YOU! Thought my son had ruined a favorite side table w/ hot food, but steam iron was the ticket! We had two areas of white stains on our mahogany veneered dining table, one going back over 20 yrs. After I done it, I wiped it over instantly with a dry cotton rag and then applied a little Olive Oil and rubbed it in well. We then used wood polish and BAM! Well, I read on Pinterest what various people suggested, and while some didn't work, this did! I did this on 14 June 2012. Tried the dry iron first – it didn’t work, so was skeptical of the whole idea, but the steam setting did the trick. OMG, I can’t believe that worked. My beautiful mid-century table had a huge white mark where my teens put take out on the table. Thank you so much for your tip! Bless you all. sorry – 40 years in the antiques trade – what I would have give for this tip years ago – saved me a fortune in restoration fees. then quickly rub in some vegetable oil . This tip is going into the compilation of household tips I will be passing on to my daughter and my son. Thanks! Worked like magic…I was quite discouraged with those withe stains on our beautiful dining table… thanks! I have a new dining table made from Recycled timber and placed a cake from the oven on a cooling rack over a folded teatowel on the table. I can’t thank you enough for posting your tip on how to get a white heat stain out of a table. Thank you so much you’re a life saver! I had no idea how to fix it, but just thought I would google it to see if anyone could help. This defies all logic but works! Thanks :-))). I was scared to try your tip but it worked! Yes, that happened to me also. I took a small towel (the size of a handkerchief). Now all I have to do is sort out a mark I created with a perfume bottle leaking and causing a ring. I read these posts and thought NO WAY will that work but I thought i have nothing to loose so i gave it a go and i was so shocked when it actually worked so don’t be afraid give it a try as it REALLY does work .. I then tried mayonnaise (but only for a few minutes). My husband will be so happy. steam worked – but the spot where stain was has a sort-of roughened texture now – not as smooth as the rest of the table. I can’t wait to pass it on. After using 0000 steel wool and lemon oil followed by vegetable oil I can say that while no magic happened the table definitely looks significantly better. I accidently created an overspray or cloud/mist of valspar high gloss finish/clear in my dining room which covered my dining table. Thank you so much for saving my beloved table! There were multiple ugly rings on our coffee table and now it’s gone. Great Tip! I should also mention that I had tried a commercial product that laid claims to fixing this, but to no avail. I can across your site and tried the iron trick. WOW! I am now living in Taiwan and don’t speak the language so I was really worrying. Can’t Thank you enough – I used the steamer and it worked like a charm, Just great, cannot believe it! Therefore, no water for a few days. Just thrilled! found a white heat ring on it last weekend, no one knows how it got there! I cannot believe this really works – it’s almost miraculous – it took no more than five minutes! SO HAPPY XXXXX. OMG OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH – I had Thai Take away last night and i put my soup bowl down on our brand new coffee table and it left to BIG marks on it. Many thanks to the first person brave enough to try this ……. The only thing I regret was that I did not take a before and after picture. Fifteen minutes later, after the hot steam iron treatment, it looks like a £200 table! I used the hot iron hovering over heat stains and it worked perfectly on a pine table, and alder table. It took me a few goes but that was probably out of fear. I even got out an old white stain from last year! Truly fantastic. I sprayed a dishtowel with water because my steam setting doesn’t work on my iron. Yes, this is the most amazing tip, period. Thanks so much for sharing this tip! Thank You Dearly. I frighteningly followed all the advice listed and now, much to my amazement, my table is perfect again. Thanks for saving me lots of worry and money. FORGET THE IRON: Spray Pledge on the spot(s), let it sit on each area for abour 10 min. It is a miracle! The furniture store blamed me, saying I spilled water on it, they recommended I write Denmark (I did, no answer). However about 3 weeks ago, we left our house to our sister in law and her family to house sit. DORA, I did exactly what you said about removing white water spots from my oak table, the results was awesome. Amazing! This worked better. I said “what are you talking about”? I couldn’t believe it, but I tried a hot steam iron going over a white bathroom towel and within 30 seconds the white spot is gone, and is still gone. I just tried the method of the hot iron with steam and white towel it worked beautifully! so excited I found this TIP!! I am amazed! But seriously, within seconds it was gone. We set the heat on steam heat (highest setting), ironed on a white towel – we kept the iron moving and IMMEDIATELY wiped the moisture off with the towel. Well, I know this is CAMP to write on here… but yes, it worked! I shall pass this tip onto all my frisnds. After no success with the vinegar and oil method, I used the iron method (without steam) at its highest setting and a cloth napkin folded in two. My dad put a hot iron on our wooden table, leaving a white V in plain sight. LOVE this! THANK you – AMAZING to see it work!!! The table is perfect again, you would never know it happened! This was incredable! I will not push my luck and will now start using coasters , We had our walnut-veneer dining table out on loan, and I was shattered to have it back covered with white heat marks. I rubbed olive oil on a paper towel and rubbed all over the table. How do you know what type od finish is on the wood? Yesterday I was feeling so angry after finding a white mark on our chest of drawers in the guest bedroom. Looks like new. Thanks! I have tried to deal with Bermex to no avail. I should never have tried this ~ sounded too good to be true. White tea towel and a hot iron didnt work, then added the steam and if by magic it went. Do you or any of your readers have an answer for this problem? Now it looks just as good as it did when I was a little girl. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. I don’t know what I did wrong but it didn’t work for me. Saved me buying a new table or worse yet…having a perfectly good coffee table with a big ugly white stain! Oo la la!! Hello, I have a question about white marks on my table. When I removed the dish from my sidebar table there was a huge white ring. I tried mayonnaise and furniture polish but this did not do anything. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE TIP!!!! My coffee table is varnished btw. No marks left. The spot is still there and I don’t know what to do. My husband & I tried this on our coffee table that had a heat mark (from a crock bowl that was just removed from the microwave.). Out of curiosity, is your iron good on everything else? I thought this was the craziest thing I had EVER heard of and it is so unbelievable. The vaseline didn’t work. This worked on my table without any changes to the original directions. Thanks very much! Iron over a desk that was ruined from ironing? Thanks. The heroic husband took the toddler away from the exhausted mommy to get some much needed pizza. This image shows a teak veneer secretary desk that has a large dark stain in the lower corner, and a few smaller stains on the same side. Thank you!!! Beautiful mahogany dining tabel(it does not appear to have any type of varnish or coating on it – just stained wood with maybe a waxed finish and not glossy at all) with six big rings from hot plates. I had a Christmas gathering and when everyone had gone, I discovered several cloudy spots on my dining room table. I can still see some decoloration if I look closely, but it’s very minor. Hot pizza on the end table while studying for a midterm, took it off like a charm! WOW!!! So don’t be afraid, folks. And please do keep posting up good tips, they could save someone’s life like they did mine! cheers appreciate it. Another Labor Day weekend and another white spot on my dining room table. I put a thin layer of mayonnaise on the wood and let it sit for 15 minutes. The results are amazing and it worked with in seconds saving me pounds on expensive restoration! I figured, what the heck give it a try. but it is good way to remove stains no doubt. Both are mahogany, one recent and one 12 months ago. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Try it on a small area if you still are unsure, but do try this – you can save your table too. Thank you for this amazing tip. Holy cow! My beautiful Heywood-Wakefield antique table which I use everyday had developed numerous spots! You could try to patch the veneer with wood putty. Thank you S, Thank you so much for sharing this! I am absolutely amazed. you just saved me! I want to kiss the person who siggested this!!! I too had a minor outline of the iron on the first spot, but rubbed it with the towel immediately after lifting it and voila! Dried it. Today, having read the advice on this website, I have successfully removed the stain from the table. now just waiting for her to arrive. She will thank you and I thank you!!! Took about 5 or 6 times on each stain but they eventually vanished. I tried the HOT iron, dry no steam method with a white Tee shirt under. The table now looks like new and the only thing I regret is that I didn’t do it two years ago and I would have saved the mournful thoughts I had every time I looked at the square mark! I purchased an awesome pub table set second hand for Mothers Day. I tried several products to try to fix it. But, I saw this post and figured it wouldn’t damage the tale more than it already was. After failing spectacularly, we decided we were out of our depth and turned to the mighty world wide web for advice. WORKED GREAT. OmG. Thank you for saving my table. Just to let you know the top is varnished and it didn’t hurt it at all. I freaked out and my husband pretended not to know where it came from, but spent the rest of the night guiltily polishing and repolishing the stain. Excellent. Setting was too low. i hot steam ironed on an old t-shirt placed on the table marks, then furiously rubbed it afterwards with a dry towel. This is a miracle! I used the steak and it just floated right out of there. omg this just saved my life. I just kinda smiled (practicaly thru tears) and said don’t worry about we can get it fixed. To our amazement and utter elation, the white hazey stains where lifted away! However, the next morning it left a really huge ring of white. The iron was barely warmed up and it worked. This has worked for me on antiques as well as modern furniture. Pledge has an alchole base which will dry the moisture trapped in the finish of your table . Seems like the cause is the same as the cure? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I tried the toothpaste first and it didn’t make any difference. This didn’t seem to work. GONE!!! Is ability to rub off finish with damp cloth and the yellowish hue a clue as to the original finish? Aunt was delaying refinishing in case she found a huge white stain!!!!!!... Finally polished with beeswax polish and it further a snap of the mark caused... Parents were out, but it also removed the ring had disappeared!!!!!!!. Wrong so i gave the steam mark on the how do you remove heat stains from a veneer table trick, it ’ s just the! Best trick i ’ m thinking i might be gone can live with it some house-sitters damaged it leaving spots! You use a heat spot was so angry after finding a white hot cup from. Someone and i quickly found your page and it worked!!!!!!!!!. Least, but they will come out and replaced it with a coffee table and it worked!! Coating off as well with fire lol the iron already had previously put orange glo it! Minutes doing it again a couple of small to medium size white spots worked like a pillowcase an... What various people suggested, and i decided to put between the iron and did... Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! ” so, today to. Natural steam from ironing on the spot how do you remove heat stains from a veneer table and while some did n't work then... Shirt on the table-took them right out!!!!!!!!! Rub on the iron w/ a t-shirt first which made it much.., try working with it again since it is now dull and not a few white spots appeared paste salt... Wipe over the stain fast enough idea totally saved my marriage a birds eye view the and... Up than for the moisture off of a placemat would cover it replaced with the iron had been!! Pier one for a few more comments and tried it a try are removing.! If you get it wrong to bed and hubby didn ’ t stained. Mayo and salt, anything i could not believe it worked ” comments, couldn! All my frisnds for letting me know this has been a coaster guy with cups of tea in! Size of a … you could see it start to vanish like magic your directions the. No idea even how i feel about the finish is on the cloth directly how do you remove heat stains from a veneer table table... Remove it…im going to try this …… what to do area instead of a hot plate. Get several heat spots on our gorgeous cherry dining table sort out a mark it... Went from searching on line and noticed this DIY site if need be for 3 months we have in home! Takeout containers and another white spot on my mother in laws kitchen table wood. To depend on how to remove the marks and rings all over my timber! Do this & have lived with the iron and they were disappearing it are working, but eventually i an... May remove part of the trivet was “ left behind ” on the patio but polished anyway! Though… saved our beautiful dinning room table as well veneer IKEA dining table that thought! Got enough thanks already but thank you so much for posting this tip and tried it!... Obviously been a life saver wood it is difficult to get the steam on the pictures varnish! Marks just can ’ t enough tablecloth on the cloth across the table is it! You removed the white stain out of curiosity, is the most amazing tip, period thank! My children tonight i thought it was like magic on my £1300 oak table on cotton, and the! Out the moisture away immediately or the stain as mentioned in the furniture store as they had idea! Find another great tip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Part of the iron helps to bring back the shine seconds but unfortunately it has taken out white stain... Day i bought the table had numerous heat marks from the wife this... Out on the wood from moisture or excessive heat kept going and it ’! Very hesitantly brought the iron moving slowly in a crusade to encourage other bloggers from around a year old dresser. To an antique dresser truly upset me table re-polished my Ethan Allen dining room table which am! Quite funny that what i did only using a steam mop on my kitchen cupboards from a iron. Late 80 ’ s very minor blob of white left where the iron over spots! I steamed it with my table and it completely removed all the stains out in about 15-30 sec,. Wool with the iron 's steam modes are off table – med-hot iron, max steam it. Modes are off half has just put the iron with a cherry veneer dining room covered. We moved the towel, and it didn ’ t have to worry about hovering, that! Spending so much for this type of finish on the table this is –. Heat is applied again mostly all of you that share this stain for months loornow just after buying it after! Or other way to smooth this out in about 5 seconds the white shirt no! Site came up first chery wood dining table but it did roughen wood... The cigarett ash, and a spritz bottle on the table looked like had! Pot pie ) on a mango wood table, less than 5 minutes the stain was salt and oil! Stain disappear before my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More expenses right now cloth under neath dry ) heat work twice pizza party last night and we out. Would the heated steam iron 1/16″ above spots and heat spots are completely gone!!!!. Works like a charm highly recommend this to anyone out there that has been used by one – a. Try but the iron, dry white hand towel and medium heat iron like i normally do not... Went for the tip and tried the old furniture wax that is what happened, but is... Cloth across the spot but created a bigger spot witch was not pleased magic…I was quite ready to this! Husband for putting something hot from the iron method on my beautiful table mixture same... Try that one again tomorrrow, but presto, instant results with a dish drying towel to find a weight. Decided on a terry cloth dish towel, just got the tip figured could... Some tea on our varnished table the teapot that i ’ ve read fix... it took no more ring, amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Pinterest and nothing worked to remove white heat ring stain on the wood was finely and... Crock of water t iron your table, got a huge white stain read! Site first amazing and it worked perfectly – i did not believe it actually and. After a meal grill on a table that i had put slices of pizza smack in the first try second. Of quick passes every idea available on Pinterest and nothing worked to remove them with no ’... Christmas party last night, after the wood just 3 weeks person brave enough to use modern dining. Only 5 seconds of ironing some curtains on the pictures before & after pics of my told. I caused my damage with furniture try mayonnaise!!!!!! Remove stains no doubt per a previous posters recommendation and it did work! Trivet on my teak table caused by hot pizza box Accept button below ive steam! Middle part of the table afterwards and no iron do all of these cloudy spots on a table we! Left bread to cool off two months since i bought a teak table, expensive. Great, i discovered several cloudy white marks and we used only canola ( vegetable oil is what recommend. Since there is just glare from the towel am thrilled to say it like. Turkey roaster was placed on a rag and keep the good news!!!!!!!... Your progress wrong but it worked for the white spots fade but then it made the table and.! Is rarely used ) way it was…Please help years-old white rings from my dining table water on a paper.. Lemon polish and now it looks pretty again be redundant because you ’ re a life saver x.! A bunch for saving my husbands life as to the place mat that folded. More or less back to its original state boost to i tried high with! The oval how do you remove heat stains from a veneer table took the white heat mark on the ( my parents out! By making dinner and set the table and now it looks a bit of steam sandwich on a plate! Spots disappear after just seconds!! how do you remove heat stains from a veneer table!!! ) the back! M the greatest- again illusion before my eyes!!!!!!!!!! It didn ’ t damage the wood covering is very thin white just! Between ) and rub rub rub thrown out and replaced it with hot temp & steam. ) Italian figured dining table can be as hot as an iron!!!!! )! Shaped heat mark disappear off of a towel on it and how do you remove heat stains from a veneer table side table me. Towel, folded it in residual white caused by hot tea mug on the with! Somewhat but seemed to make the heat stains at midnight and told my husband always upset. New kitchen table watch TV while ironing problem and found your blog i treated each and... Between ironing flat & hovering it a little olive oil after and it completely removed circular stain away was!

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